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Trademark LawTrademark Registration in Turkey

14 December 2017

Trademark Registrations are examined firstly. In this review;

  • Whether the applicant is from persons who will benefit from trademark protection,
  • Whether at least 5 trademark samples are given (total of 20 pieces)
  • Whether the trademark sample is given at most 7×7 cm in diameter,
  • Whether the trademark application is present or not,
  • In Turkey there is a mandatory proxy which is not a residence,
  • Review whether the petition and appendices are deficient.

In case of any deficiency in these matters, an additional period of one month is granted for the completion of the deficiencies.

For those who have not served as a proxy, a 2-month proxy assignment term is granted.

The type of the trademark on which the registration is requested must be specified (trade, service, partner, guarantee)

If the trademark contains foreign words, meaning and pronunciation are desired.

If there is a letter other than the Latin letter, it is requested to correspond with the Latin letter.

A list of international classification of the goods or services to be used on the mark is required. This list should not be a general term, if there is a two-month period to be announced. If not written, a period of 1 month is given. If no explanation is made during this period, only those whose description has been made are accepted. All general terms are rejected.

The official certificate of demonstration or demonstration shall be given within 3 months for the right of resignation.

After the first examination phase, the classification phase is passed.

The list of goods and services mentioned is classified according to international classification (Nice Convention). If the trademark is a figure or logo, the classification is also based on the classification of the shaped elements. (Vienna Convention)

The applicant must use the Nice Classification on his or her list of goods and services. If class numbers are not specified, classification is done at the institute. There is an additional charge. In addition, the similarity of goods and services at this stage is based on the “sub-group system” principle. This system is a task by the TPE Markets Department to collect similar goods and services under the same class heading in the same subgroups.

Red here; the application shall apply to the goods or services which have already been registered or applied for or which are in the same sub-group.

After similar examinations, similarity research is done. Absolute and relative rejections are looked at. The trademark which is not completely rejected due to absolute refusal is published in the official Trademark Newsletters. Iceland reference code, proprietor, deputy, trademark example, class code, class list, list if rejected.

Objections to the publication of a mark must be made within 3 months. If the objection is missing, it is completed. Appeals against the decisions of the Institute must be made within 2 months. Middle and Garanti marks are not required to register for 3 years from the end of their term.

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