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Turkish Inheritance LawTurkish Inheritance Law

18 February 2020

Turkish Inheritance Law is applied to share the assets and transfer the rights in the family after or before the death of the parents. Inheritance refers to the goods obtained after the death of the parents and the remaining estate. At this point, if the inherited asset has a share to be shared among multiple persons, it will become a common property. In other words, everyone who has rights on the estate has the authority to sell, rent or transfer these goods, but on the other hand, they cannot realize this authority alone. At this point, by obtaining consultancy service through the inheritance lawyer, individuals can form the heritage division agreement on how to use their rights and their shares on the inheritance with their own will and savings.

Inheritance division agreement refers to the agreement that states that the inheritance is shared among the heirs in a certain order and legal way. Based on this contract, stakeholders determine how they will share the heritage with their free will. In order for the contract to be valid, all heirs must accept and sign the contract in their free will without being under pressure.

What Services Does Turkish Inheritance Lawyer Provide?

Even after signing an inheritance division agreement between individuals, many litigation processes may arise related to Inheritance Law. Inheritance lawyer plays an important role in these litigation processes. For example, if a registration is made contrary to the form specified in the taksim contract, either party may request a deed cancellation case. Again, after the inheritance is shared, a registration case can be requested for everyone to own the property that has their share. When the parties have certain receivables arising due to the prepared heritage division agreement, the litigation process can be taken to obtain these receivables. In case the inheritance division contract is erroneous by creating a request on the court, cancellation can be requested.

What are Turkish Inheritance Lawyer Working Methods?

The Turkish inheritance lawyer, which is known as the Law of Inheritance and which serves within the framework of the laws used to regulate the estate, consists of effective people who are experts in this field and can create solutions. The lawyer works to resolve disputes that arise as a result of inheritance and to protect interests by protecting rights. Lawsuits that lawyers will look for and provide will include points related to the estate and contract related to the estate. Again, lawyers can provide services such as inheritance sharing and inheritance sharing, such as inheritance sharing, regarding natural rights. Inheritance denial; It is a legal process demanded by inheritors to reject the inheritance left after situations such as hostility or debt.

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