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18 February 2020

With the development of technology, progress has been made in many areas. Many processes are now done with computers, and information is easily accessed with the increasing speed of computers’ data processing. In human-oriented businesses, computers are used for data storage. The information of both customers and employees are stored in databases. However, personal data are very valuable today and a regulation has been introduced by the lawmaker to store and protect them.

The Law No. 6698, which is called the Personal Data Protection Law, ensures that those involved in data processing and storage are taken under control. In this way, people who share their personal data for a specific purpose increase their confidence that they know that this information is safe and will not be shared by third parties unless they allow it. In addition, individuals can also request that their personal data be deleted at any time.


Nobody can access and save personal data (except in exceptional cases, as enumerated in the law) without the consent of the persons. This is the main purpose of the law, which makes it possible to comply with the possible registration and retention situations. For example, who will process the personal data and be responsible for the safe storage of it during a consent registration process. The person named as Data Processor will pay attention to what he / she will deal with and what sanction otherwise he will face. In addition to issues such as what are the legal responsibilities of the person responsible for data, there are also provisions such as the terms and conditions of registration to the VERBIS system. Many other issues are covered by the law, and the Personal Data Protection Law aims to process, save or share data more reliably.


It is also a matter of concern for the whole society and it is essential that businesses with certain conditions are registered in the registry called VERBİS. The main conditions are as follows;

Businesses with over 50 employees,
Enterprises whose annual balance sheet amount is over 25 million,
Enterprises whose main activity is Special Data Processing,

In the evaluation of 50 employees, the number must have passed in 7 months of 12 months. In the balance sheet, the total of active or passive must exceed the specified number. On the other hand, the Data with Special Qualifications “The race, ethnic origin, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, disguise and dress, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction and security measures data and biometrics and genetic data ”

It is obligatory to register real or legal persons who meet at least one of the above conditions to the system. Other people do not need to register in the VERBİS system. However, they must comply with the law.

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