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Practical InformationHow to Become a Lawyer in Turkey?

14 December 2017

To explain the question of how to become a lawyer in chronological order;

Faculty of Law

Graduating from the Faculty of Law is a must for being a lawyer. It is impossible to be a lawyer without completing the Faculty of Law. In order to enroll in the Faculty of Law in Turkey, it is necessary to enter within the first 150.000 candidates in YGS examination. In addition to the YGS, graduates from the Department of Justice and DGS can be transferred to the Faculty of Law. If you are going to choose Law School in a country other than Turkey (except TRNC), it is necessary to investigate whether or not YÖK is awarding Equity. If you graduate from a university abroad, you have to take the difference courses again in Turkey. Because inter-jurisdictional law systems differ, YÖK is asking for completion of incomplete courses, and then the equivalence is given.

Law Practice Internship

The second stage of how to become a lawyer is Lawyer Internship. Lawyer Internship After applying to the Bar Association where you want to become a lawyer after graduating from the Faculty of Law, you start to accept the application. Completion of the necessary documents for the application and the lawyer who has 5 years of seniority to attend the internship will start the internship application. The duration of the law practice is 1 year and the duration can be extended according to success and continuation status. The first six months of a one-year internship are held in the courts, and the second six months are carried out by a lawyer. In some cases, a lawyer can be applied without an internship. For example, Judicial or Prosecutor’s Office may be a lawyer without doing an internship.

Admission to Lawyer

After graduating from the Faculty of Law and having completed the internship, it is requested that the lawyer’s license is regulated by referring to the documents that the judge-prosecutor’s profession has been done for the specified period and to the Bar Association where the lawyer’s profession is desired to be done. If the application is examined and there is no obstacle, Lawyer Registration Certificate will be issued and registered to Bar.

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